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Q: How could I buy RASTAR products?

A: Please buy from local retail store, supermarket or on-line.

Q: Could I buy RASTAR cars from you?

A: Sorry, we don't sell directly. Please buy from local hobby store or on-line.

Q: Do you offer replacement parts?

A: Sorry, we don't carry replacement parts. Please check with local hobby store.

Q: How can I buy optionnal parts?

A: Please purchase from retail store or oder parts through the retail store.

Q: The car came without an antenna, how I could get it for the remote?

A: Please check the packing carefully once more, the antenna may be hided inside the insert. If you still can't find it out, please get back to the local retail store for an antenna.

Q: I bought a RASTAR RC car, but it can't work.

A: Please make sure the transmitter was turned on. Make sure batteries are fresh, not drained and are installed per polarity indicators. Make sure all 4 wheels are not obstructed by any foreign objects.

Q: My RASTAR car can't race straightly.

A: There is a fine tuning on the bottom of the car, please adjust accordingly.

Q: I have two RASTAR rc car, I want to race them against each other, but they have the same radio frequency.

A: We currently provide RC cars with different frequncies. Perhaps you could contact the local store and exchange with them.

Q: Do you accept return or exchange the cars?

A: Sorry, all the return/exchange need to be done through the store the model was purchased from.






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