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For a long time, Rastar Group keeps building and strengthening an efficient marketing network covering the domestic and overseas market so as to obtain the market segments, exploit the international market and continuously increase market share.

Up to presnet, our brand 'RASTAR' has not only registered in China, but also registered in other 47 countries and areas such as EU, Japan, America, Australiz, Singapore, Korea and HK etc., which are the amjor export markets for us.

The Appearing of the licensed world famous vehicle brands logo together with our brand 'RASTAR' on our products makes our brand advantage more obvious, and wins the trademark protection for our continued market exploitation. For many years'brand extending, 'RASTAR' has formed positive recognition in our follow-up develotment. Presently, our trademark "Xinxingqiu" has been identified as Guangdong's famous trademark, while 'RASTAR' is awarded as Guangdong's famous brand.




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