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After 10 years’ hard and tireless struggle, Rastar Group has become a leading public company among model car industry in China and a world-famous supplier for licensed model car. So far, Rastar Group is one of the few companies who have obtained numerous vehicle brand license in mainland China.

While returning the shareholders with the splendid achievement, Rastar Group also does her best in charity with a grateful heart. For successive years, Rastar Group is awarded as “Advanced Private Enterprise”, “Large Taxpayer”, “Quality and Credibility Guaranteed Unit” (by Chinese Consumers’ Foundation), “Export brand” and “A Class Taxpayer” (by Guangdong province). And to carry out her core values and social responsibility in the public welfare, Rastar Group also participated in the natural disaster relief activities such as Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake, etc. 

As members of Rastar Group, we all are sincerely proud of her glorious performance and contribution. Meanwhile, we can also feel the unshirkable responsibility on our shoulder. Even though we will have to face the coming opportunities and challenges, we firmly believe that by our precise market positioning and innovative management strategy, Rastar Group will lead the toy consumption to a new fashion and win the consumers’ heart. And still, the Rastar Group will always insist the “United, Innovative, Dependable” concept, strengthen the domestic and foreign markets to build a world-renowned brand and create a world-class enterprise. 

Rastar Group is sincerely grateful to the global customers and partners for all their support and trust, and appreciates the concentration and dedication of her staffs. In the future, Xinghui Auto Model will further devote herself in trustworthiness and sound management, returning shareholders and repaying the society with more outstanding performance.



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